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Exciting times for FFC - Training Presentations

As firm believers that LinkedIn® should form part of your career growth strategy - in support of and addition to your CV and interview prep - we have added an extra impressive service to the FFC offering.

Based on multiple conversations with clients and industry folk we are now providing LinkedIn® group presentations / workshops / training sessions / keynotes.

Another genius idea - get in touch to discuss!

Unlock Your Career Potential with Expert LinkedIn® Profile Optimisation and Growth Strategies

Are you ready to take your students / members / groups LinkedIn® profile to the next level and accelerate their career growth? Our trusted presenter offers the most comprehensive and effective training on LinkedIn® profile optimisation and career growth strategies, tailored to meet your groups specific needs.


Who Should Attend?

Our training is perfect for:

  • Students and recent graduates (second and third level)

  • Professionals in training programs

  • Association and club members

  • Non-profit volunteers

  • Career development professionals

  • Individuals / Parents / ADF members returning to the workforce

  • Unemployed and non-nationals seeking new career opportunities

  • Individuals looking to improve their understanding of and presence on LinkedIn®.

  • Anyone interested in complimenting their professional CV and interview preparation.

What You Gain From Our LinkedIn® Training?

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the insights and expertise of a LinkedIn® authority who has helped countless individuals and groups achieve their career goals.

  • Tailored Sessions: Our training sessions are customised to address your group’s unique needs and objectives, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

  • Flexible Delivery: Training can be delivered online, offering flexibility and convenience. Depending on your needs, sessions can range from 2 to 4 hours.

What Your Group Will Learn

Our training covers essential aspects of LinkedIn® profile optimisation and career growth strategies, including:

  • Profile Optimisation: Learn how to create a compelling LinkedIn® profile that stands out, is visible and attracts the right opportunities.

  • Networking Strategies: Discover how to build and expand your professional network with targeted connections.

  • Engagement Techniques: Understand the best practices for posting, sharing and interacting on LinkedIn® to increase visibility and engagement.

  • Job Search Tactics: Master the tools and strategies for effectively searching and applying for jobs on LinkedIn®.

How to Get Started

Contact us now to discuss your group's personalised training session/s and take the first step towards their more successful professional future.

For more information please contact us at r.farrell(at)

Maximise your LinkedIn® potential with our expert training — career growth starts here.

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